Onda continues to invest in modernizing the industrial park with the installation of led lighting and new signage

  • The investments total 800.000 euros and are focused on energy efficiency and improving road safety in the industrial estates
  • Ballester: “Our infrastructures must be first class to position Onda and its industrial area on the world map "

After approving in plenary session, unanimously, an investment of 1,9 million euros with a view to improving the competitiveness and infrastructures of the 12 industrial estates of which it is made up Onda, the City Council has given the green light to two new actions aimed at supplying and installing luminaires with LED technology and painting and road signs. “If we want to achieve that Onda and its industrial area is positioned on the world scene, its infrastructures must be up to par. We are going to provide the industrial estates with great competitiveness and quality ”, stated the first mayor, Carmina Ballester.

Regarding the supply and installation of LED luminaires, this investment focuses on achieving a rational and efficient use of energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and improving visibility in industrial areas. With this improvement, an economic saving of 93.000 euros is expected. The installation will be carried out at the Betxí Apeadero, El Colador, El Romeral, Les Forques and Sonella, reaching 615.979 euros invested.

On the other hand, improvements in road signs will be aimed at painting and installing traffic signs to achieve better road safety, thus reducing the number of traffic accidents. This investment will be made at the Betxí Apeadero, El Colador, El Romeral, Les Forques, Sonella, El Colomer, El Palmeral, Miralcamp, Sis Quarts, Entre Ríos, La Trencadella and Corral Roig, with a total budget of 172.048 euros.

Both investments are financed by the council and subsidized by the Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE), and are part of the action plan aimed at promoting competitiveness, improving and modernizing industrial areas, for which the City Council It has counted on the participation of the companies of Ondenses.

Future improvements

Other investments will soon be made in the more than 11 million square meters of industrial land, such as the implementation of fiber optics, traffic control through television cameras connected to the Local Police 24 hours a day, improvement and expansion of areas greens, fire services through the installation of more than 100 hydrants as well as improvements in the supply of drinking water.