Onda invests more than 60.000 euros in painting and marking three of its industrial estates

  • The investments have been allocated to the Miralcamp, Sis Quarts and Sonella industrial estates and represent an improvement in road safety
  • Ballester: “We continue on the same path with the main objective of converting Onda in an industrial park of reference "

El Town Hall of Onda continue to perform infrastructure improvements of its industrial park. Thus, on this occasion a total of 60.500 euros in tasks of painting and signage in three of the 12 industrial estates of the city with the aim of improving worker safety. Miralcamp, Sis Quarts and Sonella have been the first in which the improvement tasks have begun.

This performance is part of the investment plan Onda Logistic that throughout the year has carried out improvements in the industrial areas of the city with a total budget of 1,9 millones de euros, of which 899.252 euros have been contributed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and the rest comes from the council.

"These improvements, which come after meeting the requests of businessmen, add competitiveness to the industrial fabric and lead to more employment for our land, more opportunities for all and to promote talent and innovation. We continue working on the same path for the main objective of converting Onda in a benchmark industrial park ”, stated Ballester.

More performances

In parallel, the Carmina Ballester government is executing more actions such as the adaptation of the green areas of the South 13 and South 10 polygons, transforming them into a pleasant space for rest. Or as for example the installation of more than 100 fire hydrants to act against fires. In addition, the Emergency Coordination Center equipped in order to improve response time both in the city and in industrial estates in case of emergency. In this way, the Local Police can more effectively coordinate operations as well as collaboration with firefighters and State security forces and bodies.