Onda executes new investments for the improvement and modernization of industrial areas for 1,4 million euros

  • The City Council installs new signage and fire hydrants to add competitiveness to the industrial estates
  • Aguilella: "We need to have the best business environment so that new investments continue to arrive and, with them, more jobs"

El Town Hall of Onda go ahead with your investment bet to improve and modernize all the industrial areas of the city in order to add competitiveness to companies and attract new business. Thus, at the moment new actions are being carried out such as the installation of more than 100 hydrants to act against firespainting tasks and the placement of new horizontal and vertical signage.

Regarding the location of the new hydrants, the objective is to achieve a fire service in all the polygons, and for this, the council has invested 151.303 euros. For its part, the improvement and painting of horizontal and vertical signage, seeks to reduce traffic accidents and, to this action, a total of 187.158 euros. However, these are not the only planned improvement tasks, since the implementation of fiber optics, the installation of cameras connected 24 hours a day to the Local Police, as well as LED lighting, the improvement and expansion of the areas is also in process. greens, and drinking water supply. All these actions add up to one total investment of 1,4 million euros.

These works, which will contribute to the industrial zone having a renewed image and better services, are part of the action plan aimed at promoting the competitiveness of the area and its infrastructures, as well as the improvement and modernization of the industrial areas that make up the ground wave. The main industrial estates in which they are being developed, at the moment, are the Betxí Apeadero, El Colador, El Romeral, Les Forques, Sonella, El Colomer, El Palmeral, Miralcamp, Sis Quarts, Entre Ríos, La Trencadella and Corral Roig .

In this regard, the mayor of Finance and Employment, Salvador Aguilella, has commented that “this municipal government is not going to rest for a minute when carrying out necessary works and improvements in our infrastructures and services for our companies. Because in this highly globalized and competitive world we need to have the best business environment so that new investments continue to arrive and, with them, more jobs ”.