Onda find employment for 10 people over 50 years of age or at risk of social exclusion thanks to the aid plan

  • The City Council grants subsidies worth 34.000 euros to those companies that hire unemployed people from Onda
  • Ballester: "With this initiative we help retain the talent of Ondenses who have it more difficult and add value to companies"

A total of 10 Ondenses at risk of labor exclusion, such as people over 50 years of age, with functional diversity or young people without experience, have been hired by local companies thanks to the municipal aid plan to promote the employment of unemployed residents.

Thus, so far this year the City Council has granted aid worth 33.900 euros to 10 companies or associations to hire 10 people belonging to this group. The last three grants have been approved this morning at the Governing Board.

The line of Subsidies for the Promotion of Hiring, is included in the Municipal Employment Program, and its implementation pursues employability, through incentives of up to 4.000 euros per contract to Ondense companies, of unemployed people registered in the city, belonging to groups such as people with functional diversity equal to or greater than 33%, older than 50 years , people without work experience or who are looking for their first job and over 18 years of age at risk of social exclusion.

In this regard, the mayor of Onda, carmina ballester, has highlighted: "From the municipal government team we are committed to boosting the economy, strengthening the business fabric and helping all residents to have a job opportunity." "Thanks to this aid we can retain the talent of Ondenses who have the most difficulty and add value to companies", added Ballester.

The amount of these aids varies according to the type and duration of the contract, as well as the contracted group.

Onda Insert

In parallel, the council offers the services of the Municipal Employment Agency 'Onda Insert' all the companies located in the municipality. In this way, à la carte courses are carried out in response to the requests of employers with the aim of training and preparing Ondenses to be able to perform the functions assigned to them in companies. Likewise, close contact is maintained with the companies in order to be able to submit applications quickly and streamline the hiring processes.