Onda closes 2021 with 43 new industrial licenses that represent an investment of 17,5 million in the city

  • Onda Logistic is consolidated as one of the industrial destinations preferred by companies and investors
  • Ballester: “Invest in Onda is to invest in competitiveness, stability and quality of service "

The year 2021 has been a investment growth notable in the industrial park of Onda. In these 12 months, the City Council has granted a total of 43 new industrial licenses that have involved a disbursement of more than 17,5 millones de euros by the industrial fabric, destined to reform or build new warehouses in the 12 industrial estates of the city.

The action plan 'Onda Logistic', which emerged in 2019 with the purpose of energize industrial areas, enhance business competitiveness and promote quality jobs, is obtaining important results and attracting investment capital. The licenses requested come from companies already established in the municipality that seek to expand and improve their facilities. Likewise, in recent months the arrival of important brands from the pharmaceutical or logistics sector that they have chosen has also been confirmed Onda to set up your business.

One of the reasons that motivates investment in Onda are tax benefits offered by the town hall, which allow these companies to save about one million euros by subsidizing the City Council 50% of the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO), in addition to being able to benefit from other important discounts in rates and taxes.

In this regard, the mayor of Onda, Carmina Ballester, has stated that "Onda It is the ideal place, both to live and to set up a business. We are in a strategic location, our industrial area is the largest in the province and has a strong business network. In addition, we offer companies advisory services, as well as important tax incentives. Therefore, it is not by chance that companies choose us, because investing in Onda is to invest in competitiveness, stability and quality of service ”.

Important investments

City Council Onda It is making significant investments in the industrial park with the aim of improving the area and revaluing it. For this purpose, 1,9 millones de euros to improvement actions such as the introduction of fiber optics, traffic control through cameras connected to the Local Police, installation of 1.079 LED lights, installation of more than 100 fire hydrants, improvement and expansion of green areas and signage and painting, among others .