Onda will house a business promotion and 'coworking' center at the Betxí halt

Work begins on the old Red Cross building that will provide advisory services and encourage entrepreneurship

Ballester: "This resource will serve to retain, catalyze, and turn Ondense talent into prosperous and innovative businesses"

City Council Onda will inaugurate a center to promote new companies and 'coworking' at the Betxí halt at the beginning of the year. Work has already started on the old Red Cross building, empty until now, to transform it into a space for talent that will provide advisory services for all those interested in starting up their own company.

Likewise, the offices and common areas of the new building will support new companies in their launch, providing logistical tools in their first steps. In addition, the new service will assist businesses that need a boost and require a structural analysis of their activity in which to consider possible solutions.

The mayor of Onda, Carmina Ballester, has declared that "this new center will be a fundamental resource to retain, catalyze and reverse Ondense talent in prosperous and innovative businesses, capable of generating new opportunities and employment". The first mayor has also added that "the non-conformist and entrepreneurial character is in the DNA of the Ondenses, as our history shows, and from the municipal government we are going to help them make them a reality."

green connection

The new business promotion center is connected to the urban center of Onda through the new interurban bike lane that connects it with the factories and reaches the Betxí halt. This means of communication gives the option of choosing environmentally friendly transport to go to work.

The renovation project of the old Red Cross building has an approximate amount of 110.000 euros and entails the total renovation of the space to turn it into a place conducive to teamwork and business launching.

Onda will house a business promotion and 'coworking' center at the Betxí halt